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Drugs Under The Microscope

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the floor is a shelf for everything

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  ‘pictures of magazine’ 2” By Vik Muniz

vik muniz famous artworks recreated from torn magazines2’ brazilian artist  has extended his repertoire of unusual mediums in his artwork with a series entitled ‘pictures of magazine 2’the project is characterized by famous paintings recreated with outdated magazines that have been torn up and meticulously arranged to mimic the tones and contours of the original pieces.  Artworks are on exhibition at xippas gallery.

  1. Starry Night, after Van Gogh
  2. The Absinthe Drinker , after Edgar Degas
  3. After the bath’, after Edgar Degas
  4. Summer in the City, after Edward Hopp
  5. Siesta, after Pierre Bonnard
  6. Wheat field with cypresses, after Van GoghA
  7. Wanderer Above the Sea of Media, after Caspar David Friedrich
  8. bar at folies bergères,  after Edouard Manet
  9. Floor scrapers,  after Gustave Caillebotte
  10. Le zèbre, after George Stubbs


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Wait but doesn’t everyone hate these…? #universallyapplicablehoroscopes


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Wait but doesn’t everyone hate these…? #universallyapplicablehoroscopes

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Michael Aaron William: portraits with coffee on old ledger paper

Michael Aaron Williams created these impressive portraits using only coffee and ink on old paper the years 1920/1930.
It focuses on the ephemeral nature of the human being. Beauty and pain of human nature are represented by the creation and deconstruction of the work.

This is fucking amazing

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